#MondayMotivation 1/15/18

I try, just like most of us do, to leave the negativity and sometimes stupidity of the previous day/week in the past.

I believe that if you think and approach things with a positive attitude then you’ll receive a positive outcome. If all you do is bring up negative baggage and have a bad attitude how do you expect to have a happy encounter or life?

I especially have to remind myself to have a bright outlook when dealing with negative or closed-minded people. You can’t change a persons beliefs or even their stand on something. But you might be able to change the way they try to defend those beliefs. Or show them that it’s okay for others to think differently.

I love having conversations with open-minded people who have diverse opinions and beliefs from me. Because I know that’s the only way to have a productive conversation with a person when they think differently then you. You will never have a beneficial convo with a person if all you do is scream your defense or belittle them for their different beliefs.

Leave me some of you best encounters with a contrasting-minded person in the comments below or feel free to tweet me @ittsaa. I’m also curious about what are your ways to deal with closed-minded people.

Stay safe out there.


Likes + Loves of 2017



I think 2017 was a weird and confusing year. Between politics, politics, and more politics. But we’re not going to talk about that (at least not in this post). Overall 2017 was a pretty good year for me personally. I definitely think it out did 2016. And I’m hoping that 2018 will outdo 2017. Here’s to putting all the positive energy into the atmosphere.

So here are my Likes + Loves for the year of 2017.

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#MondayMotivation 1/8/18

I’ve come to realize that its okay to not want to have to deal with other people’s drama.

You don’t have to be dragged down by their negativity. That doesn’t mean you can’t help a friend when their dealing with problems or having a  low moment.

But you don’t have to be forced to deal with their situation if you don’t want to. Especially if it’s with something you don’t agree with.

Everyone has their own demons they have to fight with. But sometimes they either don’t want help or don’t plan on changing. So don’t force yourself trying to do it for them. You can easily get sucked in and taken under.

I hope this didn’t sound to preachy or ranty. That wasn’t my point at all. I created this little blurb of a series to motivate myself with a positive based message to give me some insporation for the coming week. And if this is able to reach someone that’s maybe going through something similar or thinking the same way than I’ve done something right.

I hope you guys are having a great start to your week. If your like me and your week hasn’t started yet, heres to a productive week.

Stay safe out there.

Quote of the Week (124)


I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.

– Neil Gaiman

#MondayMotivation 1/1/18

I’ve never believed that because it’s a new year I have to set multiple new years resolutions and set to change a bunch of things about myself. I think you can reinvent yourself anytime you want to. Sometimes more than once in a week.

You don’t automatically have to switch up everything since its January 1st. But I understand that sometimes you need a push, and if that clock changing from 11:59 to 12:00 instills a sense of encouragement inside you, I am behind you 100%.

Therefore if I was going to have one resolution this year would be to “own my creativity”. I try to be constantly creating. Through drawing, writing, photography, etc. But I really want to embrace that I can be creative in even the most mundane things. And to not shy away when being asked about the things I’m creating. I tend to clam up when people ask me what I’m drawing/etc. Because I’m not always creating a masterpiece and don’t want to be judged about it. But I’m slowly coming out of hiding (lol).

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year’s, even if you stayed at home like me.

Let me know what you think about this little series I’ve started. And I want to know if you have made any resolutions for yourself. If not let me know why, I’m curious if there’s anyone that thinks like me.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to tweet me @ittsaa.

Stay safe out there.

Quote of the Week (123)


The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.

We can help write that story by setting goals.

– Melody Beattie

















Get To Know Me

I filmed this video forever ago and after all the complications with SD cards and editing I finally get to post it.  I’m super excite for you guys to see this one and to show you a little more about me. The crazy randomness of a person I am (that sentence alone). Link to my new video is right here. Let me know what you think and any future things you’d like to see from me.


Thanks so much again.

Stay safe out there.

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