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Shakespearean Insults (cont.)

Hi Everybody! Here’s one of the insults I used and another example.

Example: Thou appeareth nothing to me but a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours. (from Hamlet)

My grandfather and I were looking up insults and he showed me the Shakespearean Insulter. The website generates insults from all of Shakespeare’s works. Their really funny! Especially the long ones. (as kids these days say (lol): Shakespeare totally goes at your neck!)

My last wining insult: Thou art a ruttish base-court trollop. (look it up!)

And there we have it. Hope everyone is doing okay starting off their week. Can’t wait till Friday!!


Shakespearean Insults!!

We got to insult each other in Brit Lit today!!

I probably shouldn’t be so excited about that (lol)

So for class we had to take a word from three columns on a paper we got with different Shakespearean insults. You had to start each sentence with Thou art….

Example: “Thou art a boil, a plague sore, an embossed carbuncle in my corrupted blood.” 

( I don’t now the translation for this one but it sounded so mean :-p. This isn’t one we used but you get the idea.)

I think this was one of the funniest projects I’ve done in my 4 years of high school (only a few weeks left).

We had to make 15 or more sentences. The last column was basically a bunch of different ways to call someone (typically a women) an escort (I’m being polite by the way, real words are worse).

We were on teams, Caliban and Prospero (from The Tempest).

I was on team Prospero, we won the battle. I got us two points, yay!

If I get my paper back tomorrow I’ll post the two insults I made and you guys can look them up. It was hilarious, especially when people brushed off their British accents and really got into it. I can’t fake a British accent to save my life (well except for a few phrases).

Anyway this was my high school fun tidbit for the week. Tomorrows Friday!

Senior photos and work on Saturday.

Hope everyone is doing okay and having a great week.

Stay safe out there!