About Me

“By all means let’s be open-minded but not so open-minded that our brains fall out.” 

– Richard Dawkins


Hi Everyone!!

My name is Alexandria (Alex).

A CAHS (Columbus Alternative) and Fort Hayes Career Center Alumni.

Currently attending Columbus State Community College for Photojournalism.

I simply love to read, write, laugh at my cats, listen to music, watch movies/tv shows/youtube videos, and take photos. That’s what this blog is pretty much about…plus tons of relatable quotes (I know I have a problem, you don’t have to tell me).

Just me being me…which is kind of crazy with a large side of hilarious sarcasm.

(sarcasm is really like its own entree but thats just me)

Stay safe out there.

Thanks so much for visiting and hopefully subscribing! :)

“If you truly own who you are then no one can use you against yourself.”

– Chris Colfer


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