Quote of the Week (77)


“I’m the architect of my own disaster”

“Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and go where your heart takes you.” -Unknown I am officially 100% committed to this blog. In the beginning this was just a fun little hobby for whenever something popped in my head I wanted to post about it. Which I actually did quite often for a while, especially when... Continue Reading →

Shakespearean Insults (cont.)

Hi Everybody! Here's one of the insults I used and another example. Example: Thou appeareth nothing to me but a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours. (from Hamlet) My grandfather and I were looking up insults and he showed me the Shakespearean Insulter. The website generates insults from all of Shakespeare's works. Their really funny!... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Week (1)

I'm going to be starting a quote of the week. Thought I would start with one of my favorite quotes. I absolutely love this quote! I have quotes on literally everything. Especially about life, writing and definitely humor (of course). Gotta love Hemingway, short and to the point. (Wish I had a typewriter to actual... Continue Reading →

“Why so serious?”

Of course I have to start this with a Joker line! So I finally made a personal blog (yeah)! For those who don't know me, which is probably everyone. My name is Alexandria (Alex for short), HI. I am 18 years old and only have about 5 months left of high school (YES!!). I consider... Continue Reading →

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