#MondayMotivation 2/26/18

Random train of thought:

I used to hate the idea of selfies. Which is funny since I used to take them with my old blue pocket camera in middle school, but were not talking about that.

The “mainstream” idea of the selfie wasn’t something I was on board with for the longest. I hated having my picture taken, still not a fan especially if its someone else taking my picture. But then you have Instagram and Snapchat. I don’t personally use either nearly as much as someone my age or younger (*cough* millennials).

But I now don’t hate the idea of a selfie anymore. I believe there is a time and place for everything, and moderation is key. And that there are plenty of times where I’m feeling cute that day so what if I take 20 selfies (mini photo shoot) with the really cute snapchat filters??!! That doesn’t make me a narcissist. I’m not posting all 20 okay! I’m not even probably saving 5 of those but sometimes you’re looking extra cute and want a quick snap. Nothing wrong with that.

I’m all about #bodypositivity and feeling yourself. If you’ve got it rock it! I think we have to deal with too much negativity in this day and age to not like ourselves. Sure there might be people out there that don’t like you or think your cute. But who cares!! Obviously they have a problem with themselves if they feel the need to take down others. That’s not your fault and you don’t have to entertain their twisted ideals.

Your gorgeous because you love yourself!

My Life by NF came on while I was typing this. It’s not specifically about body positivity or loving yourself but about telling someone/the world that its your life and I’m going to do me no matter what you think.

“I might do some things you don’t like
We all make mistakes, that’s just life
They might say I changed, that’s alright
That’s alright, that’s alright
That’s just my life, my life, my life, my life”


HOw do you guys feel about selfies?? Im curious. Do you take them a lot or a little?? Whats your favorite snapchat filter at the moment?? Let me know in the comments of feel free to tweet me @ittsaa. I’m @usuallyjustalex on snapchat btw.

Stay safe out there.


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