If the body is a temple, why not decorate the walls? Part 3


As most of you know I have this sort of tradition (usually with my mama) that we get tattoos and or piercings for our birthdays.

We started in 2014 with our first 2, and then we both got one later that same year. We didn’t get around to getting any in 2015. I think it was mainly because I had too many ideas floating around in my head and I didn’t want to just get one on the fly. Mom was going to get a tattoo but could never finalize the idea.

But in 2016 we got back on track. I was adamant about getting a new one in 2016 for my birthday.


We got tattoos on moms birthday this year; back in December.

We didn’t have any concrete plans until the day before. We knew what shop we were going to and what we wanted but that was pretty much it.

Where & Who??:

We would have gone back to Bodystain but since our trusted tattoo artist left Ohio last year, we wanted to find somewhere new. Somewhere that fit our needs better.

I was looking up a bunch of different places online and mom was asking around. A coworker actually recommended Evolved Body Art to us. I looked them up and they seemed pretty cool.

We went to their Summit location originally. All of their artists were booked but the front desk guy recommended an artist based on the ankle tattoo I wanted and because we wanted finger tattoos.

Mom did get a piercing there though. She got her nose pierced by Jared. He was super cool and easy to talk to. I was originally going to get a piercing. I want to get a double helix but I couldn’t decide at that moment so I put it on hold. Jared wants me to come back if I decide to get my septum pierced like I’ve been wanting to. We’ll see what I decide next year.

The artist recommended to us worked at the campus location. So we got something to eat and then headed over so we could try to be one of the first.

We actually beat the artist there and got to chill for a bit. The campus location is so awesome. I wanted to take photos of everything. I posted a ton to my instagram story (let me know if you want to see them on this platform).

There was only one small group but they all weren’t getting tattooed (by a different artist); only 2 out of the 5. It turns out that a girl was getting her first tattoo and she was getting a dandelion similar to the one mom got as her first tatt. (Click here to see) And her brother was getting something to match hers.

Jo Stevens, our artist, was super chill and I showed him the pictures for what I wanted. And mom explained how she didn’t want our fingers to look like prison tattoos  (haha).

He took our requests and gave suggestions then went to draw. I decided to go first since I was having the most done.

Picture Time!!:


What & Why??:

‘Okay Alex so you got something on your ankle and you got matching tattoos….why??’

Because I can! (HAHA)


I’ve been working on my ankle tattoo for about a year now. I really started planning and picking things since I was going to get it for my birthday.

The general idea had changed about 3 times. I changed the chain about 5 times. And I kept changing what symbols I wanted for my charms.

Originally I wanted the tattoo to commemorate all the places I’ve traveled to. I kept that idea but made it into more of a wanderlust theme anklet. I was going to put the word wanderlust in the chain like a name plate put decided against it.

So I went with a simple and delicate chain and picked my 3 symbols to start off with. I loved the look of the double chain and Jo picked the idea of big then small dots to contrast the solid. The really cool part is that he actually free-handed the anklet, (the 2 chains-haha). He drew it with and pen where I wanted and then tattooed it. He also picked the arrow as the base point since it was the straightest ‘charm’. That’s why it’s at the front. And then choose where the other two went.

My favorite thing about this tattoo is that it’s not done. I can continue to add whatever ‘charms’ I want to it later on. I have ideas for at least 3 more.

Heart & Moon:

Mom and I had matching crosses but she later added to it. So she really wanted to get a matching tattoo that was special to us. We hadn’t decided on the placement till she suggested we get our fingers tattooed.

And then I thought about a heart and a moon. When I was little mom used to tell me that she loved me to the moon and back. I looked through my tattoo board on pinterest and we picked a style of moon and heart we liked.

We just wanted a simple clean outline. Mom didn’t want a prison finger tattoo (lol). So Jo suggested the placement inside and I picked out left hand. I can’t remember who picked which fingers but we were throwing up some serious gang signs while deciding (haha).


If you’ve read any of my previous tattoo posts then you know I can take the pain surprisingly well.

That being said my ankle will probably be my most painful tattoo. It wasn’t I’m going to die pain’, but the closer he was to my ankle bone the more it hurt. I picked my placement for a reason because I knew getting a tattoo on my ankle would really hurt. Still whenever he was near the ankle bone, for my feather and paper airplane, it made me twitch. Overall I would rate it a 3 out of 10, near the ankle a 5 out of 10.

Fingers were surprisingly easy. I think since the tattoo was so small it was over quicker so we didn’t have to dwell on the pain for too long. The worst part would have to be the right side of my heart where its closest to the webbing of my finger. Mom didn’t think it was bad either. I would give it a 2 out of 10.

Healing & Maintenance:

Oddly enough my ankle took the longest to heal. Which is really strange and I’m still not sure why. I would suggest to not get your ankle tattooed when its winter time. I had to wear my jeans rolled up for a couple of days to let it have air. I was still able to wear low socks (thanks to placement) So I wore my converse and loose jeans for the length of healing. I think it took the full 3 1/2 weeks to completely heal.

Weirdly enough I think my fingers healed quicker then my ankle. I’m not sure if that’s because I was 200% more worried and caring for my fingers then my ankle. I made sure that when ever I had to wash my hands I didn’t scrub the tattoos and I immediately put aquifer on them. I think it was also easier since it was my left hand and not my right.

Okay I think that’s all folks.

I have plans for a part 4 & 5. Which means I will most likely have 2 new tattoos by my birthday. Stick around if you want to see what I’ll get next.

And don’t forget to read part 1 & 2 if you haven’t already.

Stay safe out there.


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