My (Ever Growing) Camera Collection 2016

“A camera teaches you how to see without a camera.” – Dorothea Lange


I had to make this my 1st post in the Photo Friday series. Had to.

**FYI** I am going to be talking about each individual camera, there will probably be individual tangents (I’ll try to limit – though we all know how that’ll go). I will not be offended if you skim and juts look at the pretty pictures, go ahead, but for those fellow photographers or curios minds I will try to give as much info as possible on each camera, plus a bit of a story to how I got it, etc.**

I didn’t really ever consciously start collecting or planning to create a collection. I’ve had a love for vintage cameras for as long as I can remember.

Featured Image/Cover:

I included the lens cap from my Canon because it couldn’t be in the picture since I was using it. I also added three rolls of film, my camera remote, and the mini notebook I keep in my camera bag. I was going to show what’s in my camera bag, plus the equipment/gear I have but thought that could be a separate post. If that sounds like a good idea let me know.

The cameras are in the order of when they were purchased.

All My Cameras aka My Babies:



My canon was a gift, for my birthday I believe. Or it might have been for Christmas, I honestly can’t remember.

When I started at Fort Hayes I didn’t have this camera.

I used an old Sony that my Aunt Nicole said had been sitting at her job for a week now. And I needed a new one after my camera from middle school died. I would take all kinds of pictures with that thing, especially selfies, I went through a phase. Neither cameras were high professional quality but they got the job done and that’s all I needed at the time. (It’s not the camera but the photographer)

I couldn’t get my big girl camera yet. So I waited and did my research for exactly what camera I wanted.

Whenever I’m thinking about getting a new gadget I research the heck out of it. Find what the ‘experts’ say is the best and pretty much pros and cons it from there. I found that the Canon T3i was the best for me because it was the standard for photography pretty much world-wide.

And I liked the set up/placement of the canon better than say Nikon. You have to find the right fit for you. What seems most comfortable, and what seems less complicated to you, especially when you’re a beginner.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a Canon and a Nikon or a Panasonic. I have a list of the different cameras I want and their all from different brands. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to stick with just one, ’cause you don’t.

We used a Nikon camera for studio time. I think that was simply the one Mr. Kocks preferred.

I originally wanted the T4i because it was the step up and most current camera at the time. But where I bought it from didn’t have it, and I didn’t want to wait any longer, I was fine with the T3i. So I was able to use it for my senior year/2nd year at Fort Hayes. And I loved it. Still love it.

I have the 18-55mm lens (kit lens) on my camera currently. It’s the standard lens and i c the to  some new ones. I really want a 50mm.

And I haven’t changed the strap yet, I recently got a new one (it’s polka dots!), but I do have a bunch of buttons that I use to decorate it. I have more buttons than what’s on there now but certain ones don’t like to stay on the strap so I just took them off and put them on a backpack.

3 of the buttons I bought from a shop at the North Market, I can’t remember which one – Id know it if I saw it, mom loves to get flowers from there and they have a great collection of various buttons so I sort of started collecting. The Frank button is actually from when I went to visit Columbia in Chicago, it’s a magazine there created by students. My favorite is the ‘yes I actually get paid to do this’. Their all really cute an sassy, I love them.

Some Gear Info:

As I said earlier, I didn’t take photos of my ‘gear’ because I wasn’t sure if you guys would want to see them (let me know if you do though, I’ll add photos).

But I do have a camera bag by Golla, I got it from target and I love it, it’s not too big and can actually carry a lot more than you would think. It has 4 different pockets, not including the main compartment which is divided into 2 sections and is padded for my camera body and lens, plus an adjustable and detachable strap, as well as a cute little ring tab for you to hook your keys on.

I bought a cleaning kit that I carry with me, with a cleaning cloth, solution, an air pump (I don’t carry that with me) and a brush pen. I also carry my camera remote, 2 different sd card adapters, a 32gb sd card – that stays in my camera (I really want a 128gb), a mini notebook and pen, and 3 batteries. If you’re a budding photographer and are only working with 1 battery I highly suggest you invest in a couple more soon, trust me they will never not come in handy.

I also have another camera bag that was a gift. I’m using it for storage for my other camera stuff, like my old camera, right now because its one of those professional ones with 10 different slots that you can adjust and you open it on its side, it’s awesome but I don’t have the need for it yet.

The only other ‘gear’ I have is my new tripod. I bought it earlier last month and it’s the best thing ever!! It’s a 72″ tripod with adjustable everything. I love this thing so much you have no idea. I also highly suggest, if you ever want to do flat lays, or videography, or self portraits to invest in a tripod over 60″. (and a remote) It’s just magic. I used to have a 50″ before and it was okay..

I’m currently saving up so I can buy some new gear, a few lenses and even a new camera (something smaller and more portable), but my Canon will forever be my baby. I barely let other people touch it.



This camera was a gift for my 17th birthday.

If you’ve never heard of the amazing and delicious (yes delicious) website that is Lomography. Stop everything now! I’m not kidding, and click the link and go have a look around. I’ll wait.

Lomography is one of the main reasons I have such big plans for my camera collection. If I ever won the lottery I would buy the whole website, you think I’m kidding. They have everything from the vintage Diana to their own instant cameras.

When I discovered that they had a camera that you literally build from starch I was sold. Don’t forget the stickers! They give you sheets to pick what kind of design you want to make.

I can’t remember how many days it actually took me to put it together. But i think i did it in at least 3 days. It won’t take you that long if you have a full couple of hours to spend building it. I could only work on it after school. And I had this one part that I just couldn’t get to work with me so I had to get someone else to help with that. I also lost the tripod mount piece, not sure that happened.

If you are thinking of getting the Konstruktor my one tip is to build it in one stationary place. Don’t move!! I lost at least one piece because I had to start and then stop.

It is a really fun project though. I would absolutely do it again, I’d know what not to do now. Plus they updated it so the newest version is flash capable. Lomography also came out some cool accessories last year and I keep forgetting to buy the set. It has interchangeable lens and a hood to better see.

They also came out with a transparent one but it’s just for display and not for actual use.

I currently have a roll of film in this camera, I think I only have a few shots left. I have a full roll that I finished last year that I need to get developed.

If you want your very own diy slr or know a camera junkie this is perfect. Especially since anytime someone asks you about it you can say you made it. You built it yourself!



Now this Polaroid was kind of a spur of the moment purchase. I had some extra money and decided that I would go shopping for a Polaroid on eBay.

My mom used to have a Kodak Polaroid, I have no idea where it went, that I used to pretend to take photos with because it didn’t have any film in it.

This camera is in perfect condition except that it doesn’t have the eye piece, but you don’t really need it so that’s no problem. I tried to buy a replacement piece once and it didn’t fit so I just don’t have one. I think the main pull to the spirit for me was because of the classic look, I’m a sucker for vintage. The older the better.

This camera doesn’t have a flash so the only settings you have are the exposure. Which I think is standard for Polaroid cameras.

It does currently have film in it. I bought the Impossible film, because it’s so friggin hard to find Polaroid film now a days (rolls eyes), but I don’t like this film. It doesn’t develop unless in absolute perfect conditions which sucks. I have 2 blue Polaroids on my wall right now. So I have 5 Polaroids left. I really want to find some new film because I love Polaroids.

Anyone that’s a camera collector or photo junkie had the idea for a Polaroid wall way before tumblr.

If any of you have any suggestions to make the Impossible film work or places to buy other film please let me know! I’m still on the hunt.



This camera was also kind of spur of the moment. Mom, nana, papa and I were thrift shopping; on the hunt for a couch for mom and me. And we went to One More Time, which is a thrift store with just clothing, so we went over to One More Time Etc, thrift store for furniture.

And there was this old box on one of the tables with a camera peeking out. Of course I gravitated to it and had to take a look. The Argus camera looked way too cute and way too old school to pass up. I carried it around with me while we looked at some actual furniture, we did end up getting a couch, and mom told me to get it.

It came in the orignal box, with the manual, the camera case (strap was torn off on one side), and the flash plus a box of bulbs. I was so geeked.

I took it home and cleaned it up. It sadly doesn’t currently work because of a few missing springs. I have plans to take it to a camera repair shop and have the professionals take a look at it. I think I can get the camera strap repaired too.

But if it doesn’t ever end up working I’m not upset because it’s just such a good ‘piece’ to look at. It had its own little section on my old bookshelf. I just love looking at it.

People used to call it ‘the brick’ and there’s no better nickname. This thing would hurt if you dropped it on your foot. Good weight to it even when it’s not loaded. Plus it’s so rectangular.

It’s a rangefinder and was a super poplar camera in the 1930s-1950s. It’s also an interchangeable camera, I know right, I’m not sure if  I’ll be able to find any of the lenses but you never know. I’ll go digging.



If you live in Columbus, Ohio and have never been to a Goodwill you need to. If you live anywhere else and have never been to a thrift store you need to. You can find some of the most random things in thrift stores. Things that you never thought you would find anywhere else.

My family are very thrifty people, plus we love to window shop (in store). So anytime we’re near a thrift store, especially a Goodwill we go in (same with half price books) and every single time I go to the tech/camera section and the and the dish ware/mug section, if you follow me on instagram you would now (oh look at that shameless plug!).

I grab pretty much every single camera, one to see if it works and two to see if it works. I will also look behind almost any coffee machine or other kitchen appliance just to make sure there aren’t any cameras hidden back there. Takes dedication and patience (ha).

When I saw this Polaroid I snatched it up real quick (real quick!). I hadn’t seen this old school style in person before.

This camera is pretty big, considering but I fell in love quickly. I was kind of sad that the name plate wasn’t on it, I don’t know how that gets removed but I looked past it. The camera was in great condition minus that and a few scratches on the front. All the buttons worked and it even had an old battery still in it. I need to buy a new battery, I haven’t since I don’t have any film yet.

It was really hard to try to figure out what camera this was since it didn’t have the name plate. But since I’m persistent I eventually figured it out. This Polaroid is similar to the Spirit since you can only adjust the exposure but it does have a flash. It also had a tripod mount.

My favorite part is that the photos come out of the bottom. I just think the way that Kodak decided to design this one is so cool because it so different. Not the typical set up.



I found this little gem the same day that I found the Kodak. This one was actually working when I picked it up.

The batteries were old but not eroded old, and it didn’t have any film in it. It was able to zoom and turn on and off. The strap also came with it. I was happily surprised that it was in great shape. No rips, tears or anything. This camera was perfect actually. Just needed a little clean and some new batteries.

The awesome and kind of weird thing about this camera is that its automated everything. The focus, exposure, pop up flash, film loading, iso, everything. It chooses everything for you. It also has a tripod mount. The only thing you can choose is if you want to use the wide or tele lens. Which is just a slide to the right. Same with the on and off switch.

I had an extra roll of film so I just popped in some batteries and a roll of film and it was all good. My only problem is that it doesn’t remember that I’ve taken photos previously if you turn it off for too long. So when I develop the film it’ll probably be a whole roll of double exposures. Or it could just be the display not giving me the right number, I’m not really sure. But we’ll find out.

I’m currently using this camera, there’s going to be a post coming soon. And I love it. I can’t wait to develop the film. I’ll defiantly let you guys know what happens.



This time it was Aunt Nicole and I thrift shopping, probably a few weeks later. She was looking for some stuff for her new house she just moved into. We went to a different Goodwill by the way (there’s about 10 just in Columbus).

I didn’t immediately go to the camera/tech section this time. But when we eventually got there I saw that they had a few of these little cameras. I hadn’t seen such a tiny little camera before. So of course I picked it up.

This Goodwill didn’t have a big camera section but they had a few of these so I got to pick the best one out of the batch. And this one was in perfect condition.

It was only about $2. Who could pass that up??!!

I loved that it was so cute and tiny. Plus you don’t need any batteries! My favorite part is the noise the winder makes. it sounds so cartoony and old school. It’s all about the little things people.

I can’t just put 35mm film in it since it’s so small. I have to try to find Kodak 126 film. And I want to get the magic cube flash that used to come with it.

This little guy also has a tripod mount. Is that only funny to me?? I mean really, who is mounting this on a tripod??



Yes I had to include my phone.

It’s the one camera that is with me (all of us) all of the time. I am a dedicated android lover. Excuse that one year of having an iPhone (I hated it). And I love Samsung, they make great phones. With pretty decent cameras. It’s not amazing, get rid of my canon quality but it is pretty darn good.

I use it to take all my crazy cat lady photos. If you follow me on instagram (oh here I go again) any pictures I post have been taken on my phone, android or otherwise. It’s what I used it to take the pictures of my Canon, since they havent figured out how it can take pictures of it self yet, give ’em a few years.

My note has a 16 MP rear camera and it’s great in the daylight. I’m not a fan of it in low light but with a few tweaks in Photofy, throw on a insta filter and it’s pretty good.

The thing I really love is that I only have to press the home button twice and it opens my camera. Don’t ever have to go looking for an app or the gallery.

I can totally do a what I use to edit photos for instagram and my blog if you guys ever want to know. I’m really basic now, after I found things I really love to use. I am a low-key (in my head) perfectionist though. I hate just putting up a photo, on here or instagram. If it hasn’t been slightly edited, probably just the exposure, it stresses me out. Don’t laugh, we all have our things.

My case is also from this really awesome etsy shop. I want to buy 2 more…or 10. They’re really nice quality and pretty sturdy. I always go for the plastic.

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!:

So that’s 7 cameras total (not including my phone). I’ve been slowly collecting for 3 years now, wow. I can’t wait to see what this collection looks like 3 more years from now.

I have plans to add-on soon. I really want my next camera purchase to be from Lomography. I had to stop myself (well mom did) from spending some of my last paycheck on a birthday gift to myself. When this goes up I’m going to be putting some ‘mula’ aside to buy either this or this. Let me know which one you think I should get.

As always let me know what you guys think and what you want to see for the next Photo Friday. And if you’re a camera junkie like me let me know whats in your collection. Or better yet what you want to add next. I love to hear from you guys.

“When you are a photographer, you work all the time, because your eye is the first camera.” – Patrick Demarchelier

Stay safe out there.


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