“Always trust your gut. It knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet.”

Do you listen to your gut, sub conscience, intuition, hunch, sense, instinct, inkling, or even Jiminy Cricket (that little voice in your head/on your shoulder)??

No matter what you call it we’ve all had one of those moments when you thought better of something, or chose to do something else simply because you just had a “feeling”.

Onto story time.

I had a job interview last week that I thought went pretty well.

They were pretty strict on a lot of things but it was a place I love to shop at and they seemed friendly so I was okay. Plus I’ve done retail for a bit now and knew what I was getting into, and I really wanted that 25% discount (ha-ha).

Instantly after I said goodbye and exited the building my stomach literally just dropped. I was on the phone with mom and she said that I sounded disappointed and I guess I was, maybe I was hoping for something they just weren’t offering me. For some reason I really felt sick and like I was going to cry, it was that strong of a feeling.

Mom reminded me that if I felt so weirdly about it that I don’t have to take it; to just pray about it and think it over. I’m not sure if it’s because I was getting a vibe that reminded me of my previous job, that I left or not.

So I took some time, thought about it and prayed a little. And when I didn’t get a call back that day, she said she’d call me back within an hour, or the next day that kind of made my decision for me.

I’m a pretty optimistic person and try and look for the positive in just about everything, that being said I’m not 100% I would have been happy in that job position and maybe that was the “feeling” I was getting.

Everyone forget that you have to think about yourself sometimes.

I mean sure I could have said yes if she had called back but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t possibly be looking for another job eventually down the road. So I’m not taking it as a loss but thinking positively that it just wasn’t the right fit.

I’m a pretty intuitive person and listen to my “inner voice” all the time (no not that one). And this situation just made me want to tell you guys to always trust your gut. Whether it’s in job interview, while walking home, or even debating on that Facebook post.

There’s a reason we have these kind of instincts and I believe we should all use them. Sometimes their spot on and other times they just need a little help from commonsense.

“Never apologize for trusting your intuition –

your brain can plays tricks,

and your heart can blind,

but your gut is always right.”

– Rachel Wolchin

Hope your all having a great day!

It’s been snowing in Ohio since yesterday, ugh.

Stay safe out there.


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