“The Future is Exciting”

This is kind of an update with a side of advice and a bit of a rant, so this might be long.


So for the longest I could not figure out how to make my categories link to my pages.

You know when you go to a website and it has sections: woman, men, kids, etc. Well for the life of me I could not figure out how to make that work on my blog.

I did tons and tons of research. On YouTube, Google, even the WordPress forums. But people either didn’t have any answers, because I guess I’m the only person ever who had this problem, or they would tell you something to try and it wouldn’t work.

Found the Solution:

It wasn’t until yesterday when I had really started thinking about deleting my account and starting all over again or even moving to a new service all together; when I was going through the training session for this awesome site theblogpress.com (they’re really focused on you making money with your blog and assisting you the whole time – you do have to pay for it though) that I finally figured it out.

I sadly have a feeling that I had tried this before but did something wrong to mess it up and then probably just gave up, which wouldn’t be surprising because I was getting really frustrated with my blog for a while. I even just stopped posting content because I didn’t want it to be on here if my blog didn’t look the way I wanted it to, I was still writing but not posting anything.

I mean why waste the time when I can go somewhere else and hopefully have them be able to do it. I was really at my breaking point. But now the heavens have opened up and the angels are singing because I figured it out!!

So I won’t have to leave WordPress or delete my blog! Now I can post worthy content on a blog that I actually like and want to post on, and hopefully you all will like it also.

If you’ve come across the same problem let me know and I’ll be glad to help. Just leave a comment or tweet me.

New Site/Changes:

I changed my theme probably about 4 times as well, it wont be changing again anytime soon but small elements might.

Which is why, if you’ve been here since the beginning, the name to my blog has changed.

What once was “Where’s Your Will To Be Weird” is now “It’s Time To Start An Adventure“.

When I created this blog I was 18 and a senior in high school with 5 months left, (I can’t believe that was a year ago) and though I put a lot of thought into the name, it took forever to decide. I felt that since I’m now in college and things are seriously changing, I’m still weird though so don’t worry, that my blog should convey that. And now it does.

Some Advice From a Newbie:

So my advice to fellow bloggers (or anyone thinking of starting a blog)  is to keep going, literally, if its something that you really want to do, stick with it (insert inspirational quote here).

If it is stressing you out, like it was me, maybe just step back for a minute, an hour, a day or even a month (but not too long unless you really don’t want to do it anymore). But keep writing down ideas, keep writing, you don’t have to actually post them.

If you find that your heart just isn’t really into it (wow why does this sound like relationship advice) then sit for a minute and think about a post, if you really can’t or don’t want to then don’t force it, and really start thinking of getting rid of the blog (let people know first). Don’t just stop posting and let the blog float out there in the worldwide web. How annoying would that be to find a blog you really like and turns out they just stopped posting. Very annoying so don’t do it.

I suggest a blog notebook to jot down random thoughts, bit and pieces and topics that you wan to develop further. It’s a great way to keep your thoughts organized and to keep you motivated to write.

Don’t sit there thinking “okay I have to come up with a new blog post”. No! Don’t do that! (Or you will be smited)

Trust me I have stressed enough for you that you shouldn’t have to (you’re welcome).

This will lead you to frustration if your like me. Just keep writing as things come to you, go with the flow as cheesy as that is. And then set aside time to look through your ideas and either continue them, change them, or get rid of them. Just make sure that when an idea comes to you, you write it down! Trust me, many ideas go missing when you don’t.

That’s It & I Hope this Helped A Little:

If your new to the craziness that is my life than welcome and I hope you stick around for the twists and turns. And if you’ve been with me pretty much since the beginning then thanks for sticking around through my craziness. There is always more to come.

I will try not to blast you with posts now that everything is situated, I’ll try, there are a lot of draft posts.

I hope that this helped someone/anyone that was struggling with this blogging problem like me. And hopefully to motivate you to keep writing, whether it’s on your blog or just in a journal you keep to yourself. (Go check out my other blog, yes I have 2, nongraphobia.wordpress.com for all things writing)

I hope your all having a great week so far.

Stay safe out there!


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