If the body is a temple, why not decorate the walls? Part 2


New Tattoo?? When??:

I realized the other day several days, that I never posted about my 3rd tattoo. If you haven’t seen my post for the other two go check that out. I had the tattoo done by Sid at Bodystain Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio again.

I got the tattoo for my 19th birthday (thanks again mama). Which was back in November, so its been fully healed for about…6 months now (hey at least it’s not a year). In my defense the real reason I hadn’t made this post is because I hadn’t taken any photos of my new ink after it healed. I kept meaning to but it never happened.

Picture Time:

So here we are now. I broke out the tripod the other day and took some photos. I only cropped and adjusted the levels of the photos (my lighting was terrible).

It says: She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.

If you read my part 1 post then you already know that I originally wanted a quote with a feather but couldn’t decide on what I wanted it to say. After we got our 1st tattoos last year I knew I wanted to get a quote for my birthday. I mean come on I was turning 19 that’s a pretty big deal. I’ll be 20 in about 7 months (mind-blowing I know)!

I immediately started planning for my tattoo. I don’t know when exactly I found this quote but I think I was going through Pinterest (like I usually do – check me out) and it just fit. Shortly after that I found the font I wanted, something curly but legible, and the feather that would go with it, I wanted it to be more structured and less lose like other feathers usually are. I guess you could say things just fell into place (but don’t because that’s cheesy).

Why & Why??:

Now I won’t go into super detail about what it means to me or we’d be here awhile. I’ll give you the condensed version.

The quote is from “An Almost Made Up Poem” by Charles Bukowski. I didn’t choose the quote because of this poem or author. I wanted a piece that was about me really (I’m not being a narcissist). I just really wanted something that fit my personality and described me, sort of a reminder to be me everyday.

It also reminds me of all the woman in my family (Nana, Mama, Aunt Nicole & Aunt Rhondie), who are extremely important to me.  We’re all a bit crazy in our own way but we speak our minds, whether you want to hear it or not. So you can kind of see why it means so much to me.

I especially love the placement and how the feather is tilted and looks slightly like a quill doting the ‘i’. I wasn’t even sure where I wanted it at first but Sid thought that was the best place and I agreed. Now I can see it every time I look in the mirror and I can totally so it off when I’m not wearing sleeves (summer time here we come) and even with short sleeves sometimes. But it’s still in the perfect place to be hidden if I need to.

Side note: It wasn’t until about a few weeks later that I realized I had a scratch right above my feather. It looks like a scar and I have absolutely no idea where it came from. And it annoys me every time I look at it,  where did you come from and why are you there right next to my awesome tattoo?! (yes a scar has offended me)

My Weak Pain Tolerance – Except When Getting Tattooed:

Now lets talk about pain, because that’s what everybody really wants to know. They want to see if you cried like a baby.

Sorry to disappoint but this tattoo didn’t hurt that much more than my other 2. Except this one took about an hour I think. Aunt Nicole said I didn’t flinch but a couple of times.

I had to sit so still through the whole thing, I think that’s the hardest part, and trying not laughing when your mom are trying to distract you.

I will admit that the feather hurt the most. But mainly because of the little details Sid put into it, if you look at the close up you can see the little dots, those hurts because he was literally stabbing me to make the dot. It was over super quick but still really annoying. The lettering this time didn’t really bother me. But maybe that’s because I knew what to expect but it wasn’t too bad at all.

I’d probably give it a 5/10 and that’s mainly because of the little details and soreness immediately afterward. The care was exactly the same from last time. Except this time I had to be super careful in the shower. The struggle was real for about a month. Especially because I couldn’t sleep on my right side (ugh).

And after all that I now have an amazing tattoo that I am proud to wear on my skin forever, literally.

Stick around to see if there will be a part 3.

I hope your all doing well.

Stay safe out there!


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