If the body is a temple, why not decorate the walls?


So…mom and I finally bit the bullet! We got tattoos!!!


We actually got them done on July 3rd. So it’s been a month and some change. And I’ve finally gotten used to the idea. It was really weird in the beginning to look down and realize they were still there :-).

I think we’ve been thinking/planning what we wanted to get for over a year now.

What & Why??:

We knew we wanted to get a cross, something that means a lot to both of us. I created a whole Pinterest board about “Tattoo ideas”. I think I had 10 potential crosses before I found the design we both loved. Simple clean lines.

I initially wanted to get a quote. Either a favorite line from a song or something that just really inspired me. I debated for a really long time on what I wanted. I thought I was okay with my quote until I couldn’t figure out how I wanted the design to look, and I really wanted to incorporate a feather with the words.

I will admit that when it came to the day of getting tattoos I had a huge epiphany. And decided that if I wasn’t 100% sure then I wasn’t putting anything like that on my skin for the rest of my life. Plus it was my first time getting tattooed and I knew it would hurt. Especially a lot of letters.

So I decided to go with a design that I found a while ago. I actually saw it on a bumper sticker the first time :-). It’s read as, ‘He is greater than I’. And it’s in the same place as my cross. Mom went big with her second tattoo (go big or go home), and got a dandelion that turns into birds.

Pictures (first 2 are me and last 2 are mom):





Where’d We Go??:

We went to Bodystain Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio on Cleveland and Morse.

Mom and I didn’t set up an appointment or anything. They were really welcoming to walk-ins and super nice.

We actually got our ears pierced before we got our tattoos. And the piecer Sarah was super funny and just all around awesome (plus had the longest dreads I have ever seen).

Once we were both done, I got my second hole and mom got her cartilage, we got to meet our tattoo artist Sidro or Sid. He was super nice and talked to us through everything.

Bring On The Pain:

I totally thought that the tattoo would be about 50 times more painful than it actually was.

In the beginning I was like, wow that feels really weird. It was an intense scratching and vibrating sensation, but it didn’t last too long. The cross hurt way less the He > I did. I think it’s because of the letters.

So he would finish one and then start the next and my body was like, yeah then no what are you doing! :-)

But over all it wasn’t bad at all. I just kept talking and listening to mom and Sid. And not looking at him doing the tattoo at all! In the end my ears hurt more from the piercing then the tattoos.

Healing & Maintenance:

After that they kind of itched for a bit, the tattoos and piercings.

Mom hated that she couldn’t get hers wet, which made taking a shower very difficult.

Maintenance wasn’t hard either; we just had to make sure not to get them soaked, don’t scratch, and keep them moisturized. We bought Curel specifically, thanks to Sid’s recommendation.

The hardest thing for me was to remember not to scratch and to not touch my ears.

I’m serious those piercings hurt and itched all at the same time (not cool).

We’ll see if there will be a part 2…

I hope everybody is doing okay.

The weather has been really nice here lately (let’s hope it stays that way).

Stay safe out there and have a great weekend!


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